BYES Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Anthony Brinkley
Professor of English
University of Maine

Vice President:
Greg Miller
Interim Director of United Technologies Center

Secretary – Treasurer:
Ralph Chapman
Maine House of Representatives

Stephen Bowen
Director of Innovation
Council of Chief State School Officers

Dr. Donald Cannan
Executive Director of Maine Administrators of Career and Technical Education

Patricia Duran
Superintendent of Schools, Hermon, Maine

Dr. Greg Fahy
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
University of Maine at Augusta

Dr. Jeffrey Hecker
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
University of Maine

Brian Langley
Maine State Senate

Dr. Margaret Lukens
Professor of English
Director of Academic Programs, Innovation Engineering
University of Maine

Stephen Rich
WBRC Architect, Bangor, Maine

Dr. Betsy Webb
Superintendent of Schools, Bangor, Maine