Fox croft Academy Parent Letter

My Honor Student chose the Bridge Program and I couldn’t be happier.


Late in the spring of 2015 we received a notice from Foxcroft Academy in regards to their new Bridge Program that would go in effect later that fall for all Junior/Senior students.  At first glance it was intriguing; my high school student could take college classes at FA for full college credit! Then came the fine print…must attend TCTC.  We threw the notice in the trash.  Our student takes honors classes, is planning on going to college and is a great student.  There was no way he would have any interest in anything that meant TCTC, that’s for kids who aren’t going to college, kids who don’t perform well in school, kids with no direction (or so we’ve always thought).


On the afternoon of the presentation for the program I received a text from my son.  Either I or my husband needed to come to the presentation that none of us planned on attending.  He was excited!  After baseball practice he had had some time left before pick up and started talking with the person in charge of the new Bridge Program.  He was starting to quickly see the benefits of Bridge even though he has to attend TCTC in conjunction with it.  He would graduate high school as a sophomore in college.  His freshman year of college (credits obtained while in high school) would be at a dramatically discounted cost.  The courses were not for students who can’t perform but for students who will perform because they have vision and drive.


My husband and son sat through the presentation and were extremely impressed.  Here was a school that already challenged its students to be leaders and experience life to the fullest.  Now it was taking them a step further and not just preparing them for graduation but preparing them for life.  Through the Bridge Program they not only earn college credits, they also learn a life skill or trade through TCTC.  This skill can help them earn a better paying part time job to help pay for the rest of their college experience.  It helps teach the students not to shy from a challenge but to embrace it and make it your own.


Our son is halfway through his first year of the Bridge Program.  It is a lot of work and requires a lot of dedication.  He is able to juggle school work, sports, and a moderate social life.  But school comes first.  Even more than that, the small group of students lean on each other for support and direction and will be able to for the next year and a half. The courses are very fast paced and very full, again it’s college level not College Prep and not General.  His vision for high school may have changed some, but his vision for life has not.  He’s proud of himself for being able to save money on college, proud of himself for being able to attempt and obtain these college credits while only a Junior in High School, and is proud of himself for the leader he is becoming through the Criminal Justice Program at TCTC.


If anyone were to ask me whether or not I felt he’d made the right decision I would say most definitely.  I have high hopes the program will last as I have another student I hope will attend in two years.  Thank you Foxcroft Academy for opening up this opportunity for my children.